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Application For Membership

    + Proof of Age Required to Allocate Correct Membership Fee/Applicable Discount for Young Members Under 33YRS of Age

    ^ Residential Address Must Be Greater Than 80KM From Eastwood Golf Club to Qualify

    In accordance with the Club's constitution we respectively nominate the applicant for the application of membership to Eastwood Golf Club.

    * To comply with our Constitution both Proposer and/or Seconder may be contacted to ascertain suitability of the applicant/any further information.

    I hereby elect to be a member of Eastwood Golf Club, a company limited by guarantee and confirm that all information given in this application is true and correct. I understand that this application for membership is subject to acceptance by the Board of Directors and that the Board is not bound to accept the application nor required to give any reason or consultation for non-acceptance. I agree to abide by and be bound by the Club's Constitution, Code of conduct, Rules and By Laws in force and any future amendments thereto. I am fully aware of the financial obligation involved and that membership rights do not apply until all required payments are made. I understand that if my personal details change I must notify the club immediately. I accept that my contact details (name, phone and/or email) will be visible in the members directory (via members portal) for staff or members to contact as required (** If you do not consent to your details being published in the club directory, please select I do not consent to my details being published in the club directory. **)