Eastwood is located in Kilsyth, about 40 km South/East of Melbourne CBD. The Club was founded in 1955 and was affiliated with the VGA in 1966.

How it Began

In the early 1950’s Ringwood orchardist and golf fanatic Mr John Wedge owned a property in Longview Road, East Ringwood, 25 acres of which he wished to turn into a 9 hole golf course. The land was heavily wooded, hilly and with a wide deep valley and small creek running through it. It was bounded on three sides with housing.

John had approached golf course construction professionals with a view to them building the course but was told the land was too small and unsuitable so he decided to build it himself.

The course was officially opened on the 5th March 1955 and on 21st April the President, R. C. Taylor sent a letter to all Members advising that club competition play would commence on Saturday 7th May.

Move to Kilsyth

With the design settled work started on the site on 18th November 1963. The Club President, Lysle Augustini was a drainage contractor, and his free use of his equipment and staff, whenever possible, played an enormous part in the construction of the course in many ways including the laying of water pipes to each green as it was built.

A large number of Members were reluctant to commit to the new course prior to the move in October 1964; whether it was that only six holes were open or the distance from East Ringwood.

120 committed themselves to the move but this was not to be. Only 85 Members crossed to the new course (although quite a few who had been Members rejoined at a later date).

Our First Eighteen

On the 5th October 1966 the V.G.A. approved our 18 hole course and admitted the club as a category “B” member and on the 29th of the month it was opened for play.

Reconstruction of our Clubhouse

A special meeting on 30th November 1989, attended by over 80 members, discussed the proposals, which had been well circulated with newsletter articles and a proposal document being forwarded to all members.

Advice from the members meeting had been heeded with alterations to plans to re-orient the new toilet area, re-locate internal storage to create a slightly larger lounge, reduce marginally the locker room extension to maintain access from the car park to the pro shop and upgrade facilities in the men’s locker area.

The new clubhouse was officially opened in June 1991, and was very well received, with the voluntary work done by so many to assist being greatly appreciated.

Hardly a year has gone by without some work being done to improve the course and playing conditions which required a great deal of patience from the members.

With the completion of the Santa Anna program the club has cemented its reputation as the finest golf course in the middle and outer Eastern Suburbs.

The 85 hardy souls who came to Kilsyth would hardly have thought that their endeavours would lead to the magnificent club of today, and in such a remarkable short time.

Many hundreds of people have contributed to the success of the club and all members should be proud of what has been achieved and look forward to a bright future.

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